Binnenkadijk 315   1018 AX  Amsterdam   The Netherlands   T +31 (0)6 24 10 33 32

Born: Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, lives and works in Amsterdam.

Guest teacher/lecturer at: KASK, Ghent Belgium / School of Visual Arts, New York USA /

Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Capetown, South Africa / HKU Utrecht, Netherlands /

KABK, The Hague, Netherlands / The Design Academy, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

André Thijssen

Solo- and group exhibitions

2021   The body desires, WG Kunst Amsterdam

2020   Hybrids, Studio BloemDwars, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2019   The Polaroid Project, At the intersection of Art and Technology:

           - Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia

           - MIT Museum, Cambridge Ma. USA

           - McCord Museum, Montreal, Canada

2018   Museum Villa Mondriaan, Winterswijk, Netherlands 2 March - 16 September USA

           and WestLight, Vienna, Austria

           Fabulous Failures, Botanical Museum, Brussels, Belgium

2016   Participation in Fabulous Failures, curated by Erik Kessels, Les rencontres d' Arles, France

           'Jussey, France 2009', short film screening at the Third Culture Film Festival, Hong Kong, China

2015   AMS in the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

           Vedute Backstage, manuscript #0193, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam (07/02-31/05)

2014   Dutch Photobooks at TIFF Festival 2014, September 5-15th, Wroclaw, Poland

           (Mis)Understanding Photography, Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany

           Vedute ‘Out of the box’, Marres - House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht, Netherlands

           Architecture Center, Twente, Enschede, Netherlands                                          

           PhotoQ Bookshop/Gallery, Fringe Phenomena

           30 jaar CBK, Be Calm

2013   We Like Art, Amsterdam

2012   Nederlands Architectuur Instituut, Nai, Rotterdam,

           Vedutue ‘Out of the box’

           MOTI Breda, Small Stories Bigger Picture,

           SlideLuckPotShow, Amsterdam, Netherlands 14 January, Pakhuis De Zwijger

2011   KK Outlet, London, U.K.

           Vienna, Austria, Polaroid (im)possible, Westlicht

2010   Rotterdam, Netherlands, Fringe Phenomena, Nederlands Fotomuseum

           Fringe Phenomena book in collection Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

2009   Marken, Netherlands, Een dijk van een kust

2006   Utrecht, Netherlands, Wonder, Centraal Museum

2005   Naarden, Netherlands, Wonder, Fotofestival

2003   Rotterdam, Netherlands, Las Palmas

2002   Amsterdam, Netherlands, Open Mind project

           Amsterdam, Netherlands, FOAM in het Vondelpark              

           Amsterdam, Netherlands,  PANL (gold award)  

2001   Amsterdam, Netherlands, PANL

2000   Lausanne, Swiss, ‘The century of the body’

1999   Amsterdam, Netherlands, Photo in the city

           Lisbon, Portugal, ‘The century of the body’

           Maastricht, Netherlands, ‘On taste’, Bonnefanten museum          

           Naarden, Netherlands, Fotofestival                 

           Amsterdam, Netherlands, ‘Beautiful but good’ Stedelijk Museum‘  


1998   Frankfurt, Germany 1st Designers Avenue               

           Scopelos, Greece, ‘The body in the mirror’ Polaroid Int.


1995   Naarden, Netherlands, Fotofestival  


1994   Rotterdam, Netherlands, KunstHAL


1993   Naarden, Netherlands, Fotofestival, Polaroid USA

1992   Cologne, Germany, Photokina, Polaroid USA

           Amsterdam, Netherlands, Image Galerie  


1991   Rotterdam, Netherlands, Galerie Fotomania

1990   Amsterdam, Netherlands, Museum Fodor

           Leiden, Netherlands, De Waag

1989   Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dutch Institute for Brain Research     

           Nagoya, Japan, World Design Exposition


1987   Amsterdam, Netherlands, Art About The House  


1986   La Rochelle, France, La Chapelle du Lycée Fromentin          

           Amsterdam, Netherlands, Canon Gallery


1985   Fribourg, Swiss, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire

1984   Bordeaux, France, Galerie Images Nouvelles               

           New York City, USA, Cooper Hewitt


1983   Paris, France, Institut Neerlandais                   

           Amsterdam, Netherlands, Stichting Beeldende Kunst               

           Tilburg, Netherlands, Kultureel Sentrum                   

           Groningen, Netherlands, Oosterpoort


1982   Cologne, Germany, Kunsthalle                      

           Antwerp, Belgium, Galerie Paule Pia


1980   Brno, CSSR, Moravian Gallery                   

           Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Museum of Modern Art               

           Amsterdam, Netherlands, Arti et Amecitiae


1978   Lyon, France, Palais St Jean                      

           Paris, France, Centre Pompidou


1977   Amsterdam, Netherlands, Museum Fodor               

           London, U.K., ICA The Mall  

Documentary film

2018   'Seen by André Thijssen' (60 min.) made by Remmelt Lukkien, LASSO Film & TV Production

           Dutch, not subtitled:

           English subtitled:

           Broadcasted by NPO2 Extra on 26/06/2019 - 01/07/2019 - 03/07/2019 and 29/01/2020


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Commissioned work

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VPRO Broadcasting Co. /Hollands Diep / Dutch / Blad / Items / Credits / Holland Festival


Kaai Theater / Vlaams Theater

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